LesTax Ltd specializes in farm and small business tax returns.  Les and Kyle realize that small businesses are the heart and soul of this country.  They desire to see these businesses flourish and prosper.  Legally minimizing their tax burden is just one way to help businesses prosper and grow.  Engaging an experienced tax professional can help hard-working Americans minimize the income tax burden they must pay.

Do you have a relatively simple return?  Do you feel you can file your return on your own, yet desire to maintain a relationship with LesTax should you hit a snag?  Use the TurboTax banner located on the left side of this page to file your tax return online.

LesTax Ltd is committed to giving clients personal attention and making them feel like family.  Each and every client has the opportunity to meet with Les or Kyle personally.  LesTax Ltd also has tools to complete client returns securely without a face-to-face meeting.  LesTax Ltd offers a no-cost secure client portal for the exchange of sensitive information.  This portal is even more secure than a password protected email.  Every attempt is being made to keep client information secure in a hassle-free platform.  Please click on the Client Portal tab to begin.